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A Day In the Life

19, Dec 2010

I have been inspired by a cool post by Chuck Anderson over at…he describes his day in the life as a working musician. He’s got a very different day than anything I typically do, so I figured doing my own would not result in me being accused of plagiarism. Today was a 12 hour […]

Tiny Fan Hands

17, Dec 2010

My friend Josh just informed me that his daughter Lily is a big fan of Track No. 4 on For & Against. I like to get at them young. 🙂 Also, that track is called “Drive Around,” so when she’s 16…watch out, Josh.

Yay 505 Chile!

Record Scratch Sky

6, Dec 2010

I took this somewhere outside El Paso. The clouds looked like record grooves to me. There’s a great DJ in the sky, apparently. This weekend was good…we went to San Angelo (see previous LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM post), Lubbock, and Amarillo. I commented to Susan that we are usually either coordinating a stunning execution of […]

Last night in San Angelo was eventful. We played a great venue called The House of Fifi Dubois, which is a stellar retro/antique store with a bar and a stage in the back of it. It’s in a huge downtown building that is 100 years old itself…very cool. Those folks do it right. So then […]