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Building a Song

29, Jan 2011

Here’s the video from writing and recording Adore…weeee!

May I Adore You

28, Jan 2011

Ok, since Thursdays are my weekend I thought I would try a full on project from start to finish instead of doing 18 little things that don’t really get anything done.  I’ve been wanting to record in Garageband for a while, and it always intimidated me.  Recording geeks are a fun but different breed, and […]

In Progress

26, Jan 2011

We are nearing the due date for TightRope, Susan’s new album, which comes out on Valentine’s Day. My desktop looked like this at 8:30 AM today, making some promo stuff for selling online. I love that kind of thing…I’m no graphic designer, but I can make a web graphic and find a good font and […]

Starting to push out the EP for reviews…a scary process but FUN nonetheless, especially when you get reviews like this from the kind folks at The Needle and The Groove…a great, personable, and well written music blog. I’m not just saying that because the review of For & Against contained this sentence: “Songs like “Drive […]

Daniel Barrett at work! I’ve mentioned Rubicon on my blog a bit but here is my formal (but still dressed in business casual) introduction in this new series of posts. Many of you have followed my blog long enough to know I’ve worked with Daniel Barrett, formerly of Red Leaf School of Music, for several […]

(PS: I know I ripped off a Eudora Welty title for this blog…it’s meant to be in reverence and not plagiarism). Slowly maybe I became a bit of a writer this year.  I mean, I’m a songwriter and a blogger so I’ve been a writer for a long time.  I wrote my first poem in […]

Going Viral

17, Jan 2011

Part 1: Happy Martin Luther King Day! Here is a zitty college photo of me at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Dr. King’s home church. Part 2: We just read an article in the New Yorker about viruses and the study of how they spread. Turns out humans have been infected with lots of things […]

Switzerland Video

15, Jan 2011

I made this mostly with my iPhone…and some fridge magnets.

Fiddlin’ Around

14, Jan 2011

Man we are dorks. Susan thinks we should be hired to sell people stuff.

Anatomy of a Jam

13, Jan 2011

Ritalin live jam with Mike and Dave by janapochop Here’s a moment in time from a jam I had with my friends Mike and Dave in New Mexico a few weeks ago.  We had been threatening to do this forever, and we finally did.  Mike plays bass and Dave plays dobro (on this track), mandolin, […]