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Gruene Hall yo. You know, I’d almost let the title go.  I have been The Boss’s Merch Girl (Merch Female, Merch Person?  Merch Attendant?) for 2.5 years now, going on 3.  It was my first job with Team SG, and oddly my first time out on the road opened a big door for my prospects […]

That History Degree…

23, Feb 2011

is gonna come in handy. A new project is being born that combines songwriting, documentation, and historical research. Up my alley? A little. Now tell me about the Civil War.

Interview Time

22, Feb 2011

This is fun because it happened in my office! Which is also my bedroom.  One day I’ll afford those to be separate. Thanks, James and Some Call It Folk!

Um ok wow.  I am still spinning.  The benefits of Folk Alliance are many and varied.  We got to make a lot of good contacts for The Boss…DJs, venues, all that.  I saw some amazing music that inspired me.  I got to be at a professional conference in my field and go to panels about […]

I whip my… I whip my hair… I whip my hair back and forth.

Hotel Carpet

20, Feb 2011

…is always kind of ugly. An exhaustive Folk Alliance recap coming…it was amazing.  Today we go to Lake Charles from Baton Rouge!  Gigs yay!

I’m wanting to blog but Folk Alliance is too fun to sit still. More soon! Yay Memphis!

I have a lot of hang ups, as we all do. I am an introvert and I would rather pluck my eyebrows all the way out than spend more than 15 minutes in a large gathering of people sometimes. (Please don’t let this statement stop you from inviting me to parties). I never take the […]

Unintelligible Blather

14, Feb 2011

…is how my brain is operating at the moment.  It’s Monday, February 14th.  First, let’s all say a big Huzzah because The Boss’s new album, TightRope, is officially out in the world today. “HUZZAH!” Thank you.  Today is the final day to get everything done, loaded, packed, mailed, packaged, printed, stapled, filed, or whatever for […]

We Remembered

13, Feb 2011

Dan Barrett, Rubicon guru and my folk music grad school mentor – told me something cool the other week.  He said he has practiced remembering good outcomes of things that haven’t happened yet.  Somehow this kind of…makes them happen. I told The Boss about it and we did it for the first time in Albuquerque.  […]