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After Auburn (which was so quick I don’t really have any photos of it), we had a day off and decided to find some Thai food and an AT&T store in Montgomery. Seems that my phone has decided not to take or make calls without a crazy buzzing in the background. The AT&T people told […]

So one of the many fun things about traveling with dogs is that they have to be walked and that happens after all gigs. Last Monday was played in Savannah, and while sometimes I defer to the motel room and flip through cable after a long day, sometimes I venture out with Susan and the […]

The Olde South

25, Apr 2011

We stayed with some folks in Winnsboro…after we woke up after our all night drive, we crashed their lovely home and yard filled with azaleas and other floral wonders in full bloom. Winnsboro is an old town…old enough to, according to the locals, have been pretty much burned down during General Sherman’s March to the […]

Near the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge I have been having a blast hanging out in “The South.” I’m not sure if I am supposed to call it that, as we had a whole discussion about what constitutes “The Mid-Atlantic States” versus “The South” and when do we hit “The Deep South”? I haven’t googled it so I’m […]

Out East…Knoxville

16, Apr 2011

Being from New Mexico, anything east of Missouri is “EAST” to me, and I love visiting this part of the country. We had a minute to walk around downtown Knoxville on Thursday and I was impressed at how old the buildings were. Then I read that, of course, Knoxville was very central in The Civil […]

We Are On Tour

13, Apr 2011

Tonight is Little Rock, AR – tomorrow to Knoxville, TN to Asheville, NC to Ashland, VA to Elizabeth City, NC to Winnsboro, SC to Savannah, GA to Auburn, AL to Orange Beach, AL to Lake Charles, LA to Houston, TX. Twelve days of folk and roll. It’s always good to start the whole thing off […]

Oh my. I knew it would be fun, but it was SOFUNICAN’TSTANDIT. (Technical term). I knew Lady Gaga would be great, but seeing it for yourself for the first time is an amazing thing. The whole day was pretty awesome, as Gaga Buddy Susan and I deemed it to be a “Real Vacation” in which […]

Lady Gaga = Community

8, Apr 2011

What went through my mind just now… “Oh crap I haven’t blogged in a while.” “I’m seeing LADY GAGA tomorrow night, I need to blog about that.” “Oh look, new comments on my last post. One with a question that I should answer.” And this is why this post is about Lady Gaga and building […]