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Thoughtful City

28, Jun 2011

I ran across some public art in San Francisco that left me with a feeling of whimsy and also with the thought…”What simple thing can I do that will blow people’s minds when they encounter it?” Still pondering, but here is my inspiration: Suspended above the sidewalk: The sidewalk:

MCC in California

27, Jun 2011

Last year in August I took a 2 day trip to California to meet up with some longtime friends and see Mary Chapin Carpenter play. It was so fun that when the chance came up again this year, I took it. The Adventure of Awakedom started last Saturday when Susan played a rockin’ show, and […]

Welcome to a new series here on – the stream of consciousness type. Go! that is so crazy that this venue has not immediately called or emailed me back to say “hell yes” and “let’s book this” and “let’s get crazy on the promo!” i mean, i was cordial if not overly exclamatory in […]

Tweet Thins

15, Jun 2011

I found this amusing. These photos are in chronological order. Awwwkward!

Oh, “stay healthy.” How generic, Jana. Why not just copy and paste an article from Women’s Day and call it good? I know, we should all stay healthy for health’s sake…but touring around in a car or van poses some unique obstacles, hence…Women’s Day isn’t going to cut it for this series. What follows are […]

Kittens and Fish

10, Jun 2011

It’s almost ridiculous. This is not one of those cat blogs, which I avoid because I feel like it’s silly to look at cat blogs (but the real reason is I’d spend my whole day looking at cat blogs because cats are da bomb). This photo I took yesterday on Dan’s neighbor’s porch surely makes […]

Map Obsession

3, Jun 2011

I was obsessed with maps as a kid. I got it from my Dad, who would sit and read atlases for fun, not even because we were going anywhere. I’m not sure how you could read an atlas, but he did it. I never went that far, but from a young age I was perhaps […]