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I had krav maga this morning, 6:45 AM sharp. It hurt to wake up. I was having some weird dream about being carted away to an internment camp…I need to stop reading conspiracy books. The initial infatuation with krav has faded into a deep respect for getting up early and punching and kicking things, but […]

The Company I Keep

29, Sep 2011

This photo is from a KEOS radio station benefit in Wellborn, TX. Elizabeth Wills is playing and there you see of course Susan Gibson and then Michael O’Connor. It was a lovely gathering of three folks I am honored to work with in multiple capacities. They’re all amazing artists and all amazingly different. It was […]

Songwriting Challenge

28, Sep 2011

I’ve often heard of these things where you make a pact with yourself and join a bunch of people and write so many songs in a certain amount of time. There are song-a-day challenges (GAH!) and album-in-a-month challenges and so forth. My friends Dan, Roland, and Emily are doing a song-a-week challenge and I’m lucky […]

Keep Every Connection

28, Sep 2011

Well, not the bad ones. Kick those bad connections to the curb before they suck the life out of you. I’m talking about the mental filing cabinet of folks you know, because it’s really fun to flick through the files every so often and pull out two people and stick them together. Good friends do […]

Dry and Hot

26, Sep 2011

This is a lake out by Groesbeck, Texas. You can’t see the lake because it’s all been sucked up into the burning ball of fire that Texas has become this year. I am pretty sure the water was supposed to be above our heads (judging by the height of the pier that lead to nowhere). […]

Good Music Week

25, Sep 2011

…and it’s not over yet, if you run your weeks from Tuesday – Monday or something like that. Tuesday 9.20 – SusanG and Mike Blakely in Marble Falls Wednesday 9.21 – catatonically tired and in bed watching Bridesmaids by 7:30 PM Thursday 9.22 – Ana Egge at the Mohawk – CD release goodness Friday 9.23 […]

The Band Menu

21, Sep 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to present to you the phenomenon that has confounded me ever since I worked myself up past the title of “merch girl” in this business: The Band Menu. I cannot figure the logic of what those three words imply, and yes…the “The” is important, because it allows for the very […]

We just experienced the perfect house concert, and I say “experienced” because I’m about to speak for Susan as the artist and myself as the booker/tour manager. We have done a lot of house concerts together, and some are awesome and some are less so, for various reasons explored below. For a brief rundown of […]

In Other Words

16, Sep 2011

The main reason I love working with people like Dan and Susan (aside from the fact that they are hilarious and I am hilarious and we have hilarious times) is that they are dreamer and schemers who get things DONE. Susan and I had a great brainstorm session last week, whereupon I had some thoughts […]

Krav Oh-Maga

15, Sep 2011

This is me trying to look alive after class. Trying. I haven’t had the guts to make a video at krav maga class, as it is only week 1, but I think I’ll be able to sneak some footage here soon. My roommate and Rubicon Year artist, Heather, is in the class, too….THANK GOODNESS. Since […]