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Cry ‘Til You Laugh

25, Oct 2011

In what seems to my sore fingers an impossible feat, Terri Hendrix has written a book, Cry ‘Til You Laugh – The Part That Ain’t Art. How she found time whilst maintaining an awesome music career I don’t know, but she did it. She performed and signed copies at the Texas Book Festival this weekend…I […]

Mary Chapin Carpenter

24, Oct 2011

How many times have I waxed poetic about this songwriter on this blog? Too many to count, but not enough. I have seen Mary Chapin in concert exactly 10 times now and last night was the first show I’ve seen her play in a town I actually reside in. Previous to her show last night […]

Crazy in the Car

22, Oct 2011

Susan edited this piece together…see what she puts up with?


21, Oct 2011

My Evergreen story began in Taos, NM right after the song was written (I think in 2008?) by Susan, Michael Hearne, and Monica Smart. I wasn’t working with Susan yet, but I was opening a show for her up there. My friend and college cohort, Jamie, and I were hanging out after the gig and […]

Thank you, Mr. Jobs

20, Oct 2011

My first computer was an Apple IIe – I was three years old…it was my mom’s first computer but I played a lot of Battle Tank on that thing, as well as made banners in Print Shop (thanks, Mom and Dad!). After that we had a string of PCs and I kind of forgot about […]

Music Management

18, Oct 2011

Last weekend I was hanging out at Luckenbach enjoying the Susan Gibson Band Extravaganza and chatting with the Head Honcho (Honcha?) there, my friend Abbey. She runs one of the most esteemed venues in the world and does an amazing job. We were talking about general stuff like agents and managers, and Abbey said something […]


18, Oct 2011

Elizabeth and I stumbled on a weird piece of tourism on the way home from Houston this weekend.

Life on the Road

8, Oct 2011

Doesn’t that title sound romantic and adventurous and all those things? I get asked that a lot – “What is life on the road like?” Truth be told it’s both adventurous and romantic, but I’ll pony up here to the other side of that life for this post. No, I’m not going to complain or […]