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To Nashville, I Say!

28, Nov 2011

This is from the last time I was there. I will post an identical photo after the show there Wednesday, I’m sure. Maybe even the same people will be standing outside.  Happy late Thanksgiving, folks. I spent it in Albuquerque, wearing 4 layers of clothing and sandals because I roll like that. My friend Amy: […]

Old School Mac

14, Nov 2011

This is random but fun. For a few months now I have had the thought of getting an old laptop or something from Craigslist to be a non-internet-connected writing tool. BECAUSE FACEBOOK IS SO DANG DISTRACTING. I know, a little discipline goes a long way. So does a little whimsy. I just finished reading Steve […]

Pecania Redux

12, Nov 2011

You best believe we went back.

  That sounds cliche, I know. Everyone’s got a “support something” on their car bumper or their Facebook wall or on their bicep in ink. I don’t let a lot of “cause” stuff cross my blog or social media streams because I prefer to keep those discussions amongst friends. However, as someone who keeps a […]

This is one of those potentially cumudgeon-y posts so I will qualify it with this first: THANK YOU FOR BUYING THE MERCHANDISE. Really. It makes a huge difference in bottom line, sometimes. Gigantic. That being said, some tips for a successful trip to the merch table: 1. Ask questions. We love questions! I will help […]


3, Nov 2011

Somehow, we were sitting on the porch and we started playing “Airplanes” by B.O.B. You never know!