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Reading List

31, Dec 2011

I have been reading like a…like a worm? A bookworm, anyway. I don’t think normal worms can see. They don’t have eyes. There are a lot of good books in the world, obviously. I have always been a piecemeal reader. I had to consume so much information to get my history degree that it was […]

Tori! Tori! Tori!

30, Dec 2011

The title of this post is a little movie reference. See what I did there? Anyway, right before Christmas Tori Amos came to Austin and Susan and I declared the concert to be the First Annual ForTheRecords Christmas party. This might have been the only annual, unless Tori decides to be in Austin every December. […]

Throw You Forward

14, Dec 2011

Sometimes I just crank out a song that should be on the soundtrack to Grey’s Anatomy or some other hip TV show. Did you hear that, universe? SOME HIP TV SHOW. This is from the Rubicon Artist Development Showcase last weekend. It’ll probably be on my next record.

Finding a Thing

13, Dec 2011

Over the years I have had several conversations with Dan about finding a style, a personal sense of fashion, a Thing, if you will. I think we all go through stages of Things…some folks stick with one and some change a lot. Some people don’t give it a thought and some obsess. However you do […]

Et cetera

7, Dec 2011

Sometimes I want to post and can’t bring myself to write an opus or anything remotely coherent. I’m pulling a “make a list post” card because I can. Shout out to my list sistah Katie. – Gym Class Heroes‘ new album is fun to listen to and keeping my attention for multiple weeks. It’s rap, […]

Bluebird and Such

2, Dec 2011

Well that was fun.  I enjoy Nashville a ton.  The people there are super polite and even though everyone is a songwriter, they are polite songwriters. Our Backup Plan Plane Getting to Nashville was a bit hard because even though we were at the airport about an hour and a half early, the security line […]