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January was the “ease in slowly” month. Photos are phun. I finally found the joys of Instagram, so there’s that. As I mentioned earlier, it’s nice to have to stare at seemingly mundane situations and have to pull a photo out of them (as in, “CRAP I haven’t taken a photo yet today quick!”). Art […]

Photo A Day Week #4

31, Jan 2012

My last round of photos…it was a good month. Remembering to take a photo every day was harder than it sounded (heeeeeey, post office!) but it showed me that there’s an interesting picture just about everywhere you look. 1/22 – Bouldin Creek Coffee has these tofu breakfast tacos made of AN ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE I cannot […]


25, Jan 2012

Last night we took a cooking class at Central Market called “Winter Soups and Stews.” Thankfully, as rare as it has been this winter, it was cloudy and damp. Perfect soup weather. Plus, I’ve gotten really tired lately of just relying on my staple of Paula Deen’s Cheesy Ham and Banana Casserole (just kidding GOOD […]

Kill The Messenger

24, Jan 2012

I have listened to this song 14 times this evening. “Kill the Messenger” by Shawn Colvin. It’s old. I discovered it when I was 17 or something like that and it was old then, so it’s um…really old now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to decry an artist’s more current body of work…Shawn’s […]

American Songwriter Magazine (one of my favorites) always has this “On My Deathbed” section where they pick people’s list of best albums and publish them. I had forgotten I filled one out once until someone on Facebook alerted me that they saw my list. I was a little nervous because I didn’t even remember what […]

To get really specific: a Female Singer-Songwriter from the 80’s/90’s. – Make a really angry, unsure, shaky album with too much reverb and perhaps out of tune instruments that shows promise and gains a group of college-aged hipster fans. Perhaps recorded outside or in a basement. – Make better album that is actually called the […]

Photo A Day Week #3

21, Jan 2012

1/15 – I spent a good chunk of time at a coffeehouse…with this Brainstorm book. 1/16 – Monday was mastermind meeting day with Susan and Elizabeth. We each got a cookie. I was oatmeal M&M. 1/17 – Kathleen Edwards album release day! One of the “must buy the day it comes out” artists. 1/18 – […]

Idea 1: Meet Lady Gaga’s wax figure. Idea 2: Meet the real Lady Gaga (in progress) These numbers are not totally accurate but for the sake of metrics…I have had about 14 good ideas this week. I forgot four of them about 10 seconds after I had them. Goodbye…I hope you got caught by someone […]

Photo A Day Week #2

16, Jan 2012

So far so good. This week was a productive one. 1/8 – It was grey out the first couple of days. Zzzzz.1/9 – Yep. Still grey.1/10 – Susan, Brennen Leigh, and Noel McKay songswapped at the Mucky Duck. Lovely.1/11 – Spent the day working on a new video project based on Portlandia. Forthcoming. 1/12 – […]


11, Jan 2012

Interesting scenario this morning. Katie sends me a link to a Youtube video. It’s a cool version of a song I had never heard before (so technically it was a cover but since I didn’t know the original, eh)…being played by 5 people on 1 guitar. I see a TON of content every day, and […]