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Mobile Office

8, Mar 2012

This week we have been in Amarillo between the festival and some Panhandle gigs this weekend. I have parked at two Hastings for the last 3 days…I’ll go to one in the morning, take a break, and then go to another. The wifi is fast and the couches are cushy. Can’t complain at all. I’d […]

This weekend we were in beautiful Red River, NM for the first annual Red River Songwriter Winterfest. First annual festivals, as Susan has told me, are always a crapshoot. They’re expensive to put on and if they haven’t happened before, there’s no telling how many people will come. Luckily, this one turned out to be […]

#askjana No. 1

1, Mar 2012

Aaaaask! The other night on Twitter I joked that I was just biding my time until I am old enough to write an advice blog. I feel like a twenty-something should probably not spout off too much in the advice field yet. My friend Josh got me started though with a question and he even […]