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Maria Bamford!

28, Apr 2012

I have had a favorite comedian forever and her name is Maria Bamford. I have never seen a live comedy show (certainly not a professional one, anyway) before…and when I saw Maria Bamford was coming to Austin and I was going to be in town I jumped on it. She is right up my alley […]

Ok folks, here’s round 2 of the week’s #askjana questions. I have enjoyed this immensely and will make it a regular thing. I hope it imparts a tiny bit of not necessarily knowledge but more like a…knowing. Proceed. What’s it like to be The Jpo? – K.C. K.C., it’s flattering you ask because I get […]

It’s that time…Ask Jana (with its very own hashtag #askjana!) is at it again. What this means is that I run out of ideas for things to blog about and I turn to my mighty Facebook friend list for ideas, and they always come through because they are a clever bunch. (Friend me! Then you’re […]


17, Apr 2012

Ok.  I am finally to a point in my existence where I will admit this.  It’s a long passed phase but I found this stuff the other day and I decided it is blog-worthy.  As a kid, I collected autographs.  Since I lived in New Mexico and was 12, I had little access to real […]

Yesterday I drove to Houston to see Lucy Kaplansky play at the Mucky Duck. Friends: “So…you have Sunday off from driving around for live music and you’re going to drive somewhere…for live music?” Me: “Absolutely.” Besides getting to go to a fun venue and hang out with Nancy Jane who has an iPod full of […]

Great Records 2012

7, Apr 2012

It’s not that far into 2012 and there have already been some awesome albums released.  While I was traveling around last month NOT blogging, I listened a ton to these three:   Rose Cousins: We Have Made A Spark – Rose is exquisite in her songwriting and singing.  Settle in. Garrison Starr: Amateur – Like […]

  This installment of #askjana comes from Heather, who is about to enter her soon to be finished EP in (I hope) a bunch of songwriting contests this year. Heather asks: “How do you choose what songs to enter in a songwriting contest? And any other contest general tips?” I’ve done quite a few of […]

A New Sprinter

4, Apr 2012

This is pretty awesome…we got a new touring van in Phoenix. Susan had been looking for one for a while, and I located this gem in Arizona from a Craigslist search. It was the long and tall model and had a bench seat in it that folds into a bed…sold! The other kicker was we […]


4, Apr 2012

It was a whirlwind month as predicted although we must have mostly paced ourselves because upon returning I did not feel the need to sleep for 5 days.  Just one and some change.  I think I’m back on track now and glad we didn’t miss Spring in Austin…all 6 days of it before it just […]

Oh hey, SXSW

3, Apr 2012

This year I was hardly in town for SXSW, so I didn’t get to see much. The Sweater Set stopped by the Rubicon Studio one evening to play a few, a true example of SXSW coming to me…that was cool. Other than that, Susan shared a show with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines in Beaumont, […]