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This past weekend was what has become one of my favorite gigs…Muttfest in Amarillo. It’s a big giant benefit for the Amarillo ASPCA and it’s in a big park where everyone can bring their dogs. There are maybe more dogs than people at this thing. Everyone can enter contests, catch frisbees, and sniff each other […]

Green Chile Pizza

25, May 2012

Sometimes the only thing needed for a blog post is a big photo of a slice of green chile pizza. This is from Dion’s Pizza in Lubbock, which is an Albuquerque pizza chain. They have branched out to Lubbock and my friends are nice enough to eat there with me when we pass through sometimes. […]

Here’s something we cooked up last night…I am fortunate to know these two. They sing like glory! Katie Lessley: Website! Emily Shirley: Website!

Voyage Air Guitar!

16, May 2012

I am, as my roommates will readily testify…addicted to things with strings. I will happily pluck around on a mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, ukulele, whatever…without actually knowing much about it. (It is on my goal list to acquire a good working knowledge of at least two of these sooner than later). My first and only true […]

If you had to eat any kind of pancake for the rest of your life, what kind would it be? – Mary Man. I like pancakes. Am I ONLY eating pancakes, or do I just have to stick with one kind when I do eat them? Regardless, since this is hypothetical and I can be […]

Awesomeness and Excess

15, May 2012

Sunday was a lovely day. I drove back from Houston with Elizabeth Wills, who had played a house concert there the night before. I took a nap and hopped in the car to go down to Gruene Hall, one of my most favorite venues on the planet for The Susan Gibson Band Extravaganza. It was […]

The Daily Practice

10, May 2012

Greetings from rainy Austin. I love saying that because last summer I thought perhaps I might just lay down on the boiling hot asphalt and wait for the elements to make me into jerky, it was that hot. It will probably get that hot again, but for right now it’s cloudy and threatening to rain […]