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A friend of mine sent me a Marketing Plan from Sony Music from 1994 for MCC’s Stones In the Road album. It’s fascinating stuff. The most interesting thing is noting what is NOT there because it simply did not exist. 1994 isn’t THAT long ago (I say this because I can remember it, but it […]


21, Jun 2012

The new Mary Chapin Carpenter album came out last week and I’ve settled into its brilliance as with all her other albums. I have always gone to a record store on release day to get a real live copy, though I wonder how many more years that tradition will be able to continue, since apparently […]


20, Jun 2012

A cool thing that’s happening is that I book for both Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills, both fantastic songwriters with impressive careers. The really cool thing is that they have been friends for about 20 years, and they are finally getting to play some shows together. They’ve had a chance to work things up to […]

Time for another round of #askjana…thanks everyone! Will there ever be a rainbow? – Opie Yes. There is and always will be a rainbow. Sometimes you gotta keep a spray bottle around to see it, or perhaps some artificial sunlight, but there is always a rainbow hanging out. A manufactured rainbow is still a rainbow, […]

Ireland, anyone?

9, Jun 2012

So this is happening. Susan and Michael are joining up with bassist and guitarist extraordinaire Donnie Price and we’re all packing up to go to Ireland next Spring. Literally, I’m so excited I’m pretty much packed already. The cool thing is we’re taking folks with us. People can buy a vacation package that let’s us […]

Pre-show Tacos Every year for 3 weeks certain troopers go to Kerrville to Quiet Valley Ranch and camp out and watch music and play music and try to stay cool in the Texas heat. Many more go for a week or a weekend. Wimps like me go for a day and then come back and […]


7, Jun 2012

I spent a few days in the great Pacific Northwest last week because my lovely niece, Heather, graduated from high school and my awesome nephew, Philip, graduated from 8th grade. Lots of parties! We also got some sight-seeing in and went to the Pacific Science Center to see the Tutankhamun and the Great Pharaohs exhibit […]