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If you get it…

28, Jul 2012

…gigs will come. Get the guitar that is. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my new Epiphone…we have bonded faster than most any other instrument I have owned. This is a good thing because Susan asked if I would bring it to Amarillo next week and play a set with her band as a […]

The Office

18, Jul 2012

One of the things I’ve been working on is setting up an office space. My awesome roomie Katie is the queen of decorating, and she encouraged me to co-opt the dining room for an office space so that I could in fact sleep in one room and work in another. It’s been awesome. The first […]

Guitar Nerd

18, Jul 2012

I got a new guitar. It’s pretty gorgeous. (I’ll be loud and proud about my pretty guitar). My friend Geno (who owns Red Leaf School of Music – music lessons anyone?) also helps out at Larry Land Music in Bastrop. He’s been harassing me to come out and visit (just kidding, Geno only gently suggests), […]

Time for another Ask Jana…whereupon I get to gratuitously pretend to know things I don’t know, but I promise I am using an educated guess as best I can, fueled by my morning breakfast of cottage cheese spiked with green chile. (I suggest that any time you add one food item to another, you can […]

A Good July

13, Jul 2012

It’s been an abnormal July because I’ve been home for most of it, as opposed to touring. We leave in July 31st for a tour all the way to Washington and back, so July has made me batten up my home hatches and appreciate being in the same bed every night. It’s been awesomely busy…I’ve […]


2, Jul 2012

Something cool happened this weekend. I played a show with my good friend Michael O’Connor, who I also work with on the booking agent side of things (this made scheduling this gig quite easy). He is an amazing songwriter and guitarist…I’ve been watching his guitar skills for years now since he plays with Susan sometimes […]