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Time for another Ask Jana. I do these on Facebook, so friend me or whatever. Tamara asks: To you, does the Walla Walla river valley remind you of the Rio Grande Valley north of Santa Fe? (To me, the high dry fields punctuated by a sudden drop to a cold river with greenery, with Sangre […]

Pop Music

24, Sep 2012

Psssssst. Hey, my name is Jana and I love pop music. First point: Lady Gaga tickets have been acquired for January, 2013. It’s on. Second point: Dan pointed out that I seem to constantly amaze myself when I admit I do like the sugar-coated world of beats and repetitive choruses and autotune, but I really […]

Tejas Time

23, Sep 2012

The blog is slow because for the first week home I only attended to the things that directly fed or clothed or bathed me, like…the shower, and the grocery store, and my usual office worky stuff. Then last week I spent a lot of time defining some goals because good grief I turn one of […]

Tour Wrap

13, Sep 2012

Yep, we were gone for 5 weeks and everyone survived, even the chihuahua. It was a fun, relaxing, hard-working, scenic trip to Washington and back and we landed back almost where we began, in Taos, NM for the Big Barn Dance. One of the most enjoyable festivals around! Radney Foster snuck in a few tunes […]

We had a great time at the Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie this weekend…we got there a day early to see Macy Gray (Susan noted that a good Macy cover band should be called the Gracy Mays). I really only knew Macy from her big 1999 album and the song “I Try”…and her hair. […]

Lamp. One of five. Hello from Casper, WY where the venue tonight gave us TWO HOTEL ROOMS which means I AM IN MY VERY OWN HOTEL ROOM. Thank you Jimmy and the Wonder Bar! Now, we have had a great time on this tour and a lot of fun, but as Suz points out, for […]