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It’s the Thanksgiving Edition of Ask Jana! I can tell you are all thinking about food. I am thinking about you all thinking about food. I am also super thankful that you all keep asking me things. On to it… Hot hot hot! Sandy: Do you think the Hostess mediation will be successful? I say […]

Lots of good music stuffs going on this month…both spectating and participating. First up: HOBRO…an all girl band named HOBRO because we can. Elizabeth Wills, Christa Hillhouse, Susan Gibson, and moi formed a girl band to play our friend Anna’s benefit out in Wimberley, TX. We played only Susan Gibson songs, so it was kind […]

I Have Nice Friends

19, Nov 2012

For my birthday this year my friends Nancy Jane and Susan kidnapped me and we ended up in Port Aransas on the Gulf, hanging out, eating good things, and enjoying the maritime life. They are the best! Nancy Jane has a cool tradition for birthdays and other occasions – wish balloons! Everyone writes their wish […]

I am starting this post a month in advance in hopes that my foresight will allow a well-thought out treatise on my entrance into my next decade of living.  What will probably happen is that I’ll put this off until the night before, but regardless…here we go. …and immediately I stalled and wandered away from […]