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Top 11 of 2012

27, Dec 2012

Since we made it through the fake apocalypse, I figure it’s safe to go ahead and make my list with the intention that you all are still around to read it. So many of my favorites put out albums this year…most people on my “must buy on first day of release” list made something new. […]

It’s been a busy month. Things being as they are here in the bustling metropolis of Austin, Texas (Tech Capital of the State), rents get raised every chance an apartment company gets. They gave us the notice that our increase was almost 20%, and my roomie Katie and I decided it was time to split […]


4, Dec 2012

So every songwriter…I take that back…MOST songwriters want to be covered. It means another musician found your material moving enough to want to sing it themselves and internalize it for 3-5 minutes a night. I think it’s a huge thing. To my utmost surprise, Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills covered an unrecorded song of mine […]

My friend Charlie Faye asked me to help her make her new album pledge campaign video. Specifically she asked for my booking agent voice (example here). Help a friend get a great record made AND make silly voices? How could I say no to that? Here is the result: Here is Charlie’s PledgeMusic site where […]