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Greetings from my couch (yep, it’s still here and still comfortable). We had a whirlwind trip to Red River, NM for the 2nd Annual Texas Red River Songwriters’ Festival. This was momentous because “2nd annual” means the first one worked well enough to do it again. Last year we had a small but mighty crowd […]

Meandering January

15, Jan 2013

It’s been a great start to the new year…I’m settling into San Marcos life. I like this town because I can walk to the bank, grocery store, and two coffee shops really easily. This is exciting. Aside from some gig stuff I haven’t done a ton of wandering because I am still settling into my […]

New Year New Place

3, Jan 2013

Happy New Year from San Marcos, Texas! I drove to Albuquerque for Christmas, drove back and immediately moved out of my South Austin apartment and down to San Marcos. Moved with the help of an army of awesome friends, that is. As I told them, if they hadn’t helped, I would be crying in the […]

Happy New Year!

1, Jan 2013

Happy January 2013!  I started out the year right with some arts and crafts. Since I just moved and have had roommates for so long, I found that I had no plates or bowls to my name. Susan had an old set and had also read on Pinterest that if you Sharpie on them and […]