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California Part Deux

24, Feb 2013

More random shots from Huntington Beach. Typical tourist? Yes I am. Patio flower gazing… Some houses in Santa Monica near McCabe’s Guitar Shop. We just saw the sign, not L.A. AND A PELICAN! He knows how to make tourists feed him.


23, Feb 2013

I LOVE THIS STATE. I’ve had some super fun trips to the Bay Area but never spent any time in SoCal, so when a good friend said Susan and Elizabeth should play in Huntington Beach, that sounded like a great idea. I would move here, but I’d need a job and all I’d really want […]

Go See Live Music

19, Feb 2013

I made a couple of jaunts to see some great people this week, reminding me that every songwriter and musician needs to fill the well with new music and live shows. Keeps us on our toes. I went up to Dallas to see some friends and to see Tift Merritt live. Tift has been in […]

Because I want an owl timer here, that’s why. I’ve been blogging less due to the fortunate circumstance of getting some ducks in a row regarding some new ventures 2013 has brought my way. The first is my new consulting service called Social Thinkery. (The Facebook Page is here!) You can read the website but […]

We did it again, and Gaga did it again. SG and I went to see our 2nd Gaga show and the Lady managed to make it just as cool as the first one. Last time we dressed up, and this time we just slummed it, which was fine because I’ve been too busy to think […]