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Ah, a delayed Ask Jana…but a hopefully still informative one.  Thanks for all your questions! Erin: Greatest kid cereal – Capt. Crunch’s Crunch Berries or Cookie Crisp? Cookie Crisp all the way because when you’re a kid, the illusion of getting away with eating cookies for breakfast is a real bonus, also the milk tastes […]

SXSW 2013 Music

18, Mar 2013

Oh yeah, it’s a music festival too! To be honest, I had such a great time attending the conference part of SXSW that the live shows were lower on my list this year. Going to the panels was an 8 – 6 job, and commuting from San Marcos added some extra time this year. It […]

While the major draw of SXSW (to me, anyway) is communing with a bunch of people who are motivated and innovative, there is the starstruck factor with some of the speakers sometimes (most of them are themselves motivating and innovative, so it works). Some of the highlights this year: Tina Roth Eisenberg delivered my favorite […]

SXSWi Recap-ish

15, Mar 2013

Well. Here I sit pressed deep into the cushions of my couch because I haven’t seen it for a week. It was an amazing seven days full of a lot of discoveries, ideas, cool people, Austin culture, and walking. I’ll be recapping different things in different posts, but here’s a general overview of the conference […]

SXSW is Here

8, Mar 2013

Here we go! A million thank yous to Cari for this badge. I will try to live up to its Platinum status. Current favorite perk: when you can get into all 3 conferences, they give you a tote bag for each one. Tote bag nerd? Yes I am.

Paper Rock Scissors

2, Mar 2013

This is an older song of mine but it holds up. It’s also in a weird tuning so it doesn’t come out at every gig, so I decided to put it on Youtube instead. Here we go.