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New song new song

23, Apr 2013

I just scheduled some studio time for October at Rubicon with Daniel Barrett. That means there’s gonna be a new EP! Finally! Here’s one of the contenders for inclusion…thanks to Bob for capturing this song in the wilds of Pearland. Right now it’s called “Where Is The Heart?”

My desert island disc list. I almost feel the same way about Record Store Day as I do about Valentine’s Day…why do we need a special day to do something we should do all year round? But I get it, it’s important to mark the institutions and we as a society certainly love calendar excuses […]

Heal Over

14, Apr 2013

Here’s us with a KT Tunstall song…re-recorded for acoustical purposes! Emily Shirley is great. Katie Lessley is great. Click their links!

Daydream Often

7, Apr 2013

Here’s a link to an article called “Writing advice from writers handwritten on writers’ hands.”  This title makes my head split open, but the premise is cool.   I decided to do my own. I’m not sure if it was because I grew up a semi-only child (I was the only one at home because my […]