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So…co-writing and stuff.  I haven’t done a ton of it.  I am thrilled to be able to say I co-wrote “Lovely When You Cry” with Susan and that it’s on her Tightrope album (lyric video here!).  And I’ve sat down a few times with folks to write but I can’t say a lot of things […]

Throw You Forward

25, May 2013

This week I got to spend an afternoon with Dan over at Rubicon Artist Development making an acoustic demo of one of my newer songs. I’m really proud of this love song that doesn’t mention the word “love” at all…that’s how I roll. I also think people should cover it…Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills did […]

Uncle Calvin’s

17, May 2013

I had the absolute honor of opening for Elizabeth Wills at Uncle Calvin’s in Dallas, Texas last weekend. It’s one of the best listening rooms in the state. Look at the list of folks coming up! I am kind of fangirling out that my name is on the same list as Rose Cousins. (All you […]

Be A Unicorn

10, May 2013

Life’s been busy being lived! I had a fun time in Arkansas and Oklahoma with Susan last week…we had one day where we woke up in Fort Smith, AR…drove to Okmulgee, OK for a private shindig, kept driving for a show that night outside Oklahoma City…she played the show, and we got in the van […]

Do Not Try This

5, May 2013

Please do not tune this piano. Don’t roll it anywhere, and definitely don’t tune it.