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31, Aug 2013

I’ve been inspired by a whole mess of people on acoustic guitar but lately I’ve been hesitantly (but with love and enthusiasm) paying a little more attention to my electric playing.  I aim to incorporate it more into what I do live, and I’ve been looking at the folks who taught me what I like.  […]

It’s A Zoo Out There

29, Aug 2013

You pretty much know it’s an interesting venue when this sign is posted: This past weekend Susan played the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, Kansas. The festival happened to take place on the grounds of the local zoo, which made things even cooler. The sun bears (which I had never heard of and they walked […]

I’ve been working on this project for a while now. No, wait. I’ve been THREATENING to work on this for a long time…and recently kicked it into gear. I’ve been pecking away at some sort of tome for almost a year. A book, a blog compendium, a social media guide…what is it? FINALLY I’ve narrowed […]

The Band Sandwich

19, Aug 2013

A dispatch from Team Santana I feel like I’ve had enough distance from this to post about it.  This is about a venue that I’m not going to name because I’m not out to stir up bad publicity, just tell a story (but if you see me in person and ask, I might tell you […]

Time for another Ask Jana! Thank you all for your questions. You all are some food-oriented askers, I’ll say that. Read on… Cody asks: Why do pop tarts make a line that does not have frosting? Why do Oreos keep trying to toy with their recipe and add flavors? Why are Girl Scout cookies seasonal? […]