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Putting Up Walls

20, Jan 2014

Here’s where I stand on the home decorating front…I like things to look good. I even have a fairly good aesthetic eye. I like clean lines, and I like having things around me that remind me of good times and people. I also like looking at things that inspire me. However, while I have part […]


20, Jan 2014

As mentioned in Ask Jana below, Mary Chapin Carpenter has a new album out. I have not missed getting a physical copy of any of her albums, and I don’t plan to stop until they cease making CDs altogether. I stopped by Waterloo Records this week to pick one up. I’ll admit, I had to […]

It’s been a while. Let’s dive in! Leah: Favorite book? Gosh. I am one of those book hoarders that if you pick one off my shelf I MAY have read it, I MAY have read part of it, I MAY have good intentions to read it, and if I have read it I MAY have […]

Art Happens

14, Jan 2014

EP 3 Update time! The holidays made us all take a bit of a break on the record making front, which was fine. Things are picking up again and I had a meeting with Emily Shirley this week about artwork. This is one of my favorite parts of the process because really, I don’t have […]