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Whelp, this will be fun! My friend Bill Small asked if I would go in on this wonderful project with him and I yelled “YAAAASSSSSSS!!!” and then more politely responded “Why yes, I’d love to, thank you for asking.” What are we doing? Well, you can watch Bill’s very well narrated info video here, but […]

Lady Gaga at SXSW

18, Mar 2014

I love musicians who have paid their dues, played the crap gigs to get to the good ones, are masters at their instrument, write their own songs, and push the limits of their genre. This is why I like a lot of singer-songwriters in many genres. This is why I love Lady Gaga. There is […]

SXSW Recap: Day 5

17, Mar 2014

The last day of Interactive…made it! I found this out last year – after 5 days of intense brain utilization and also being around a lot of people, I am wiped, but happily so. There really isn’t a way to match the experience of being in a convention center full of people excited about things, […]

SXSW Recap: Day 4

16, Mar 2014

Day 4…Monday. After the Sunday Slump everything starts anew. I did pretty well, focusing on responsible topics and staying away from celebrities (although not altogether out of the spotlight as you will see). Content Shock: The Future of Social Media…this was one of those “history of the internet and where are we going” type panels, […]

If All Goes As Planned

13, Mar 2014

I will see Lady Gaga live tonight at SXSW. Color me thrilled!

SXSW Recap: Day 3

13, Mar 2014

Day 3 of SXSW Interactive. They (and by “they” I mean…my friend Chad and I) call it “the Sunday Slump.” You’ve been conference-ing for 48 hours and the tiredness is settling in. You start making bad choices, like “I can totally get something out of this robotics panel even if it is way over my […]

SXSW Recap: Day 2

10, Mar 2014

Day two was good. I will admit there are so many people here and missing my first panel because it was full has made me gun shy about moving too much about the cabin. There are panels at many satellite locations downtown outside the convention center, but the thought of walking there only to be […]

SXSW Recap: Day 1

8, Mar 2014

Finally, it came. I found a sweet (and legal and cheap) place to park and I collected my various devices and their chargers along with a few Clif Bars and I was ready to roll. The 11 AM panels were sparse in number, meaning…everyone wanted into them. I got to the 11 AM too late […]

SXSW 2014 Begins

5, Mar 2014

You know how in school you’d look forward to Christmas break or Spring break because you didn’t have to do anything but fun things for a while? This is almost the opposite but the same thing…SXSW Interactive 2014 starts on Friday and I AM SO EXCITED. I get to learn things for a whole week […]

Marathon, Texas

3, Mar 2014

These days we don’t play many places in Texas where I have never been. I know the roads to Houston and Dallas and Amarillo pretty well by now. This weekend, though, I landed in a foreign place right here in our own state. It’s West Texas mixed with some New Mexico…lots of adobe and red […]