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Good Musical Moments

30, Jun 2014

I’m supposed to be packing for a real honest to goodness vacation I am taking this week to see a bunch of my family and see my awesome niece, Cathy, get married to a cool dude named Matt.  In Wisconsin.  After I fly to Albuquerque and collect my mom.  And then we drive to Minnesota […]

Here’s a track from the new EP up on the Youtubes, because that’s how we all listen to music and stuff these days. I just posted my new bio, too. Susan Gibson so kindly and brilliantly wrote it. I’ve written probably…8 people’s bios in the past year and could NOT stand writing my own. It’s […]


24, Jun 2014

Y’all, I got to write a song with one of my favorites, Terri Hendrix, last week.  She’s part of a songwriting group called Real Women Real Songs, and they write a song a week, which is awesome.  Terri asked me to come over and help out with the topic called “Hot.”  There’s really no hot […]

Round Up of Rad Stuff

15, Jun 2014

I took this in Ganado, TX.These days, our lives are one big stream of links and memes to look at, and while I have many cool things I want to share with friends, sometimes social media is (oddly) not the place to do it. Engagement, click-throughs, algorithms, post counts…things that make links on Facebook either […]

I am realizing “release dates” are a little bit weird in this digital music world. Back in the day, an album had a release date (always a Tuesday for some sales tracking reason) and as a music fiend, Tuesdays were big days. You’d hope the ghetto Hastings in your neighborhood got the memo and stocked […]