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Lone Star Music Review

31, Jul 2014

This is cool. I read Lone Star Music Magazine all the time, and they reviewed the new EP in the latest issue. Thanks to DC Bloom for a thoughtful piece! Buy the EP here on Bandcamp or iTunes!

Release Week

24, Jul 2014

I feel like I have “released” this EP 402,029 times already, but July 15th was the date and I played a couple of shows last week to celebrate. My friends Anna Harris and Katie Lessley joined me at Superfly Records in San Marcos for a set. Playing in a real record store is about as […]

iTunes and Rad Stuff

24, Jul 2014

Ok, we’re finally up on iTunes…here is the link if you like to download musics on lovely Apple devices with little to no effort on your part. The cool news is this little record is currently (as of this typing) #59 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart. This means at least one person has purchased it […]

Release Day!

15, Jul 2014

Happy Release Day! I feel like I have released this EP several times already, but this is the real official everywhere release day. You can download or purchase a hard copy CD at! It should be up on iTunes soon – I told them this was the day, anyway. I’m not sure how much […]