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My deepest fear is that my fears are not that deep…they are just simple things.

On the wall at Joanne Of course, since I spent a whole post on dinner in Vegas, I have to offer due diligence to the East Coast trip…and yes, we ate well. You’d think this has turned into a food blog. I don’t know, maybe it has. Food and traveling for music go hand in […]

Adore You Lyric Video

17, Oct 2014

For the sensitive among you…and we’re all a little sensitive.

West to East

16, Oct 2014

After a road trip through the wildest of the West, it was over to New York and Pennsylvania with Susan for some rare (and hopefully now, less rare) East Coast shows. We know a NYC local, so we got the grand walking tour of the city (thanks, Norma!). I wore inappropriate shoes. I tried really […]