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Happy Thanksgiving

30, Nov 2014

I spent the holiday in Albuquerque, watching pseudo-science shows on The History Channel, eating food, and hanging out with my mom and niece. It was great and now it’s time to conquer December! Speaking of December, there is indeed an influx of Christmas music happening. This is one of my favorite Christmas albums and no […]

Birthday Shenanigans

22, Nov 2014

Well, I don’t know about “shenanigans” per trouble was made nor had while I turned another year older. We did have a great time, though. Since I work with Susan Gibson and work with The Bugle Boy, I managed to finagle a Susan Gibson show AT The Bugle Boy on my birthday. It was […]

You will not be surprised to know that 1989, Taylor Swift‘s new album, is my jam this month. I am a little surprised at how invested I am in her career lately, though. Her music has definitely grown on me over the years and I got really interested when she announced a full on split […]