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Hello from Sweden!

27, Nov 2015

We made it! The Austin airport is kind in that Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay were playing the Saxon stage so we were serenaded by friends as we waited, and then we met Natalie Maines who was walking by. Well, Susan of course knows Natalie. I had never met a Dixie Chick before. Thank you, […]

Sweden Bound

24, Nov 2015

Man. Happy Thanksgiving Week! It’s actually here. I haven’t even processed the holiday because my sights have been set on my first trip to Europe (!!), and we leave Wednesday. I am excited to accompany Susan and our friend and Swedish guru Sofie Reed for 20 days of gigs and workshops across the country. We’ll […]

We interrupt this travelogue to inform you of a couple of classes I am teaching through Girl Guitar this coming Winter. I absolutely love this organization and all the people in it. The past couple of sessions of gathering around the guitar on Thursday nights has been a blast, and I hope the wonderful women […]

I Heart NYC

1, Nov 2015

A certain amount of years ago (ok, like 10) when I was in college, I hung out with a group of 4 friends and we called ourselves The Quadrangle. We did most everything together, enough so that we had to coin a term for our clique. We all keep in touch even though we’re all […]