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Vlog #1

25, Jan 2016

Here we go! Don’t all good things start in Januaries? (That’s totally not true but a LOT of good things start in January). Through a very gracious gift from a friend, I now am attempting to take a GoPro camera with me on my excursions every week. I explain a little in the vlog, but […]

LOOK AT THAT. My eBook came out last year, and I was pleased. Then my friend Sorrel Brigman messaged me and asked if I had considered an audiobook version and would I like her to do one. My answers were, “No…you can DO THAT? And OF COURSE I WANT THAT!” So Sorrel so kindly used […]

It always takes me a week or so to really feel like it’s the new year. I guess I am a slow poke in that regard, and I always internally cringe at the “new year new you!” advertising that comes at us from all directions. BUT…I am a sucker for a new year, I really […]