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SIX! SEIS! SIXTH! A really fun and packed week of gigging with Katie in Lockhart (special thanks to Joanna for filming us because I had my hands full of guitar!), raising money for The Bugle Boy, and tacos with Dan. That’ll be my new vlog series: Tacos With Dan.

I really really really really really really like pop music and coffee. Lots of one, not so much of the other. Check out The Belle Sounds while you’re at it, they’re the aces here.

As you can see if you scroll down, the last 4 posts have been video blogs. I am fairly happy about this, though am succumbing to the nagging thought of “YOU NEED TO WRITE A BLOG FOR GOODNESS SAKE” that’s been floating around in my brain. BUT! The good news is…the last 4 posts have […]

Here’s a day in the life when you go to Fort Worth for a gig and back! Super fun. Pretty long. I napped on Monday before watching Taylor Swift win her 3 Grammys. That was fun.

A topical Vlog this week…I am a diehard kinda fan for VERY SPECIFIC things and musicians. I’m not the catch all “live music fan” (but DANG I am glad those troopers exist…they are warrior fans on another level). I’m not a sucker for every folk singer, or pop song…but when I latch on, I latch […]

Vlog No. 2 is Up

1, Feb 2016

Hey, it’s a thing now! I have to say, it’s been really fun making myself film things this week. It gives me a new perspective on what I’m doing, or perhaps prods me to be a little more engaging with my day to make it vlog-worthy (WHAT IS REAL????). This week’s is still more of […]