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It’s weird that I saw two big shows this week, since my weekly average for seeing things with tickets is about 1 every 16 weeks. I kinda dig it. Also there were no better shows than these for me and my mood. Thanks, pop music and Prince and Ellie and Maya.

Whew. I’ve been all up in the video making lately that the text post quality on this blog has really gone down. Part of me regrets that, part of me is proud of posting videos so regularly so…eh. But TEXT! Let’s WRITE! So…I spent the week in New Mexico for my cousin’s wedding. It was […]

In which I pull off the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere and walk into an old church. Good for the circulation to get out of the car on a long drive. Also, New Mexico is glorious.

It’s good to have friends. It’s great to have handy friends that will build stuff so you can make cooler videos. Our journey through Lowe’s and Home Depot this weekend. Thank you, Katie!! I’ll put up a more detailed instructional video soon, but this is how you build a DIY overhead camera rig for your […]

You gotta hustle and flow to get a good deal and…you gotta hustle to get T-Swift tickets for F1. Well, I do. You don’t have to.