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Katie flies a drone and I try to film it. Mostly we just laugh a lot. Also I’m trying to be more organized…haha.

We’ve hit 20 vlogs already…wow. I invoked the hive mind of question askers for this one. We discuss pop songs, love, green chile, and pens among other things.

So this happened.

11, May 2016

Thanks for watching, MCC!

The best days are when new Mary Chapin Carpenter Albums come out. I’ve had a long history of chasing her music across guitar lessons and across the country and I’m better for it.

This vlog was hard to make. I’m not a mercury retrograde believer, but that’s happening right now and just about everyone I know has stuff that is breaking. In my case, this vlog was ready the day it was “due,” until the footage deleted itself. I got mad and took 5 extra days to finish. […]