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You guys. Since usually my tour calendar is a big ol’ list of “Booking Something Soon,” I had to screenshot this one. It’s definitely the most varied and um…far apart my gigs have been. I’m getting really excited to get on a plane and head to Ireland, Scotland, and the UK with Kiya Heartwood and […]

Vlog 26: Sick Vlog

30, Jun 2016

Being the Opening Act

29, Jun 2016

There’s some discussion going around The Facebooks right now about opening act etiquette, and IT JUST SO HAPPENS that I have a section about that very thing in my eBook (available on and because I like A’s)…here is it, because…people need to know. —————————————————————————— The Opening Act: Playing Well With Others Being an […]

A little run across the border to Oklahoma…and then we turned right back around.

Sometimes you go see a good friend and awesome songwriter in the town that is the birthplace of the Texas Revolution. Yep!

Vlog No. 23: Speak Up

13, Jun 2016

Another violent act in our country. Something has to be done.

Vlog No. 22: Random

10, Jun 2016

It’s so random.

Projects As of Late

6, Jun 2016

It’s been busy…and that’s a good thing. I find it kind of hard to relay all the projects happening via my usual social media postings because…well, I often just Facebook about coffee and Taylor Swift. I thought it might be cool to do a round up of stuff I have worked on or am working […]