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It was a very Swift week, starting with a little detour north to Dallas for the State Fair (!) and the museum-like Taylor Swift Experience. Join me and my new hat.

Last night I got to fulfill one of my Big Bucket List Items (TM) and see Taylor Swift do her awesome music thing live in person from a few rows back at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. It was amazing. From the opening bassy rumbles that shot through the crowd of 80,000 people […]

In which I am very excited to see Taylor Swift in Austin and just putting that thing out to the universe that is called “The Ask.” 🙂

I am super honored to be included in the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival as a featured songwriter this year…here’s where I’ll be all weekend. Head on over to downtown Dripping and see all 44 of us play (but not all at once, that’d be hard to process, I think)!

Lots of playing music…on guitar and on disc!

Nostalgia, man…it’s powerful.