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2016 Music Recap: Live

19, Dec 2016

Here’s the deal with me, and I know I’ve been over this several times and in several forms. In my formative teenage years I became a folkie. I appreciate a great songwriter. I’ve seen and see quite a few of them, and I count many of them as my friends.  There’s a vibrant and wonderful […]

My Smartwatch and Me

18, Dec 2016

“Constant high frequency flinches” – a description of our lives on phones from the great documentary on minimalism right now on Netflix. I feel that a lot. Earlier this year, I think in March, the ringer switch on my phone flipped permanently to the “off” position.  There’s a way around it to toggle sound back […]

We can dissect the ins and outs of this year as a whole another time, but for now I’m gonna focus on what I focus on best: the music. And for all its other weird aspects, 2016 was a pretty awesome music year for me, both for getting good things on disc (or data) and […]

42 Vlogs!  Amazing.  Also I have this really crazy run going with these last 3: 40: T-Swift 41: Mary Chapin 42: THE BOSS Not that there’s pressure for 43 but maybe a little. Anyway…I got to meet Bruce Springsteen and my tattoo is half done and life’s ok from over here.