35 and Undeterred (Nov Blog 16/30)

16 Nov


My new age as of yesterday, 35 (!), is mentioned in this fabulous Mary Chapin Carpenter song…listen.

The line…”35 makes us pause but we’re still undeterred.” That seems pretty true.

Everyone I ran into this week said, “Yay 30’s! Wait until your 40’s, they get better!” Same for the 50-somethings. I hope that’s accurate. I joke that I am the oldest 35-year-old you know because I am proud of my crotchety streak (only applied in useful applications like going to bed at a decent hour, cussing at rude drivers under my breath, and griping about music that is too loud in restaurants).

The crotchety, however, balances out with my 30-somethingness, so I think it all works out. It results in things like making a folk-rap track and listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, and coloring for my blog. I’ll keep at it all, undeterred.

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