A Day In the Life

19 Dec

I have been inspired by a cool post by Chuck Anderson over at MusicianWages.com…he describes his day in the life as a working musician. He’s got a very different day than anything I typically do, so I figured doing my own would not result in me being accused of plagiarism. Today was a 12 hour day from when we hit the road to when we got back home. I woke up at about 8 AM. The gig was a private party, and it was 3 hours away, so we got some coffee and picked up a fellow musician and took the scenic route because most roads that are not I-35 are scenic around these parts. We spent most of the time talking and I did buy a Giddings newspaper whereupon the police blotter provided 15 minutes of entertainment because it consisted of things like, “A cow was reported wandering loose on CR 391. Deputy Durburger arrived on the scene and herded the cow into the pasture. It was all ok.” I’m not lying.


About 30 minutes from our destination we heard a weird rumble. Susan pulled over and we had a smoking and shredded trailer tire. Luckily, Susan is not only a kickass musician, but pretty handy with a jack. We were on the road in 15 minutes.


We got to the gig, set up the PA, changed clothes, sound checked, and I handled some email stuff while I waited for the show to start because there was wifi!

Suz and Kevin

Yes that’s Susan and Kevin Welch. Yes it was awesome.

It was fun and easy and I watched a good show and afterwards we packed it all back up and headed back. No flat tires on the drive home, just caffeine consumption. I had an hour drive back to Austin and now I’m blogging. It’s almost midnight. Zzzz. That’s usually what a day is like when we leave home and return home in the same day. These days are rare, but appreciated. During the week a typical day for me involves waking up as early as I can stand depending on how late I was up the night before…the first half of my week is spent trying to normalize my body clock and the second half of the week is usually spent destroying it again. That’s ok. I still try and get 7 hours a night regardless. Anyways, once I wake up an inject coffee into my veins, I’ll handle email and do booking. I do best with booking if I have an expansive amount of time because while it is very analytic to map things and route things and put things on calendars, it is also a creative process and I like time to sit and think. I’ll handle web site updates, blog, or do my own writing during the mornings, too. Sometimes it’s erranding like mailing gig posters and the like…the post office is not my favorite place, but I like the do-it-yourself kiosk so I get out of there with as little human interaction as possible. Then depending on the day I’ll either go work at the music school (Red Leaf School of Music) from afternoon into the evening or go work for Dan at Rubicon Recording. (A thorough Rubicon post is forthcoming. It’s really cool). This past weekend we had a non-gig day, so Susan and I spent it registering for the Folk Alliance 2011 conference, arranging some travel plans for her, and making spreadsheets and plans for her new album release in February. Then we watched a Mae West movie because what else do you do after making spreadsheets? It’s a varied week every week and I like it that way. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but I’ve done the monotonous job thing before and I wouldn’t trade this for anything. And now…about that bed time thing…tomorrow is here.

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