A Good July

13 Jul

It’s been an abnormal July because I’ve been home for most of it, as opposed to touring. We leave in July 31st for a tour all the way to Washington and back, so July has made me batten up my home hatches and appreciate being in the same bed every night.

It’s been awesomely busy…I’ve been working on some projects for Susan (whilst she takes an actual vacation for once yay!) as well as Rubicon, and working on a project of my own. It’s an eBook. I can’t tell you exactly what it’s about because I haven’t finished writing it yet (which may cause you to shake your head and say, “Maybe you shouldn’t be writing a book yet, Jana!”) but I PROMISE IT WILL BE SO AWESOME…if you have interest in or care about the music business. Or me. And if you don’t care about me then…get off my blog.

That was rude, I didn’t mean it. Keep reading.


To list some of the “month at home activities” I’ve been doing…I had a Nerd Day with Elizabeth and saw the LBJ Presidential Library as well as the Ransom Center, which is one of 5 institutions in America to have an actual Gutenberg Bible. That was nerdalicious. (As I typed nerdalicious I cringed but I’m keeping it. KEEPING IT).


I got to hang out at Congress House Studio for a day whilst Elizabeth recorded something awesome (you’ll hear it when the album comes out which has no date nor even a time frame yet so do not ask…it was a demo for kicks). Congress House and Mark Hallman have worked on some amazing albums by people like Ani DiFranco and Eliza Gilkyson, so I was definitely happy to soak that vibe in.

It’s been rainy and not 117 degrees here which has made it all the more pleasant. I was certain I’d be curled up in the fetal position by now because last year was awful here, but it hasn’t been really been hitting 100, which makes me want to dance and I think is contributing to my progress on the eBook and things. Clouds and rain make me want to Write. I also look at this photo of a coffee mug (warning, cuss word involved) when I need a kick in the pants. I am close to buying it but haven’t yet.

I’ve got a gig this weekend with Katie and Emily, I found a used guitar I am in love with and now have to sell some other gear I don’t use anymore to justify it, and I moved a lot of furniture because I got a new bed and got rid of the old one. My office is almost set up, too.  This is a lot of shuffling for me, people!  I must have missed Spring Cleaning and am making up for it.

Oh, and I have a coaching session next week with my blogging hero, the equivalent of a blogging rock star in my world.  SO EXCITED.  She asked for my Myers Briggs type.  I am in INTJ.  This will ideally tell her all she needs to know about me to tell me what to do with myself. I’m sure I’ll be worked up into a ball of nerves by Thursday.

And that…completes this much needed and meandering blog post…abruptly, because I am pragmatic in my perfectionism, says the INTJ page.

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July 13th, 2012 at 4:52 pm

That is a pretty kickass mug!!

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