A Year of Experiments

1 Jan

Outside Roswell, NM

Happy New Year and all that implies! So far I have managed to nap, grocery shop, and take out the trash. This is actually considered progress.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be on board with my first of 12 month-long life experiments. I say I’m starting tomorrow because I’m not quite sure what January’s is yet. The idea is to try things for month-long periods that may or may not be something I’m interested in doing for longer than a month. Part of the idea is that repetition is habit-forming, and some of these experiments will be good habits. Some will just be stuff I have wanted to try and need a blogging reason to get going on them.

A couple will be dietary (not eating refined sugar or flour, going vegan). Some will be musical because I have a few instruments I have been meaning to get better acquainted with (I’m looking at you, dulcimer).

This month? Well…we’ll see about that tomorrow.

Happy 2012, all!
Laterz, ’11.

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