A1A and Louisiana

11 Feb

Last month I had the fun of joining my friend Elizabeth Butler for her music video shoot outside of New Orleans. I played acoustic guitar on her song A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) and she asked if I would join in. Kira Small (from Nashville) and Solveig Whittle (from Seattle) were also going to be there, and OF COURSE that was a big fat Yes.

Susan (who is now given the title Perpetual Road Buddy) and I landed in Slidell and she took it upon herself to document me getting hair and makeup, which if you know me, you know pretty much only happens when someone is getting married or someone is doing a music video.

“This comes off, right?”

We headed down to the Honey Island Swamp and set up. Filming included running through the song, I don’t know…15 times? Oddly as the shooting progressed I messed up the chords more. Luckily, everyone was lip-syncing and I was chord-syncing so it all sounds glorious anyway!

Also, we learned no trip to Slidell is complete without stopping at La Pines, where Guy Fieri himself descended from the Food Network heavens and declared that it was good. They definitely had the largest onion rings I had ever seen and an excellent muffaletta. Boom.

And here is the final cut! Props to Troy Warren for directing and editing. Many many thanks to Elizabeth for having us along!

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