All of the Albums are Happening

12 Oct

Note 1: Day 3 of my Kickstarter for my next record and WOW. I am humbled and frankly dumbfounded by the generosity that has been shown. I kind of figured I’d be pre-selling a lot of $5 downloads (which is awesome) and threw in the house concert option as an “It’ll round out the list” thought. AND PEOPLE ARE PURCHASING HOUSE CONCERTS. And ceramic pigs. And eBooks. And Trilogies. Mind blown. So excited!  Get you some.

The Bugle Boy

This post is about the other album project I’m thrilled to be a part of planning this Fall. Last weekend, Susan gathered her band consisting of Billy Masters, David Carroll, and Ray Rodriguez and recorded a live show at The Bugle Boy. It was amazing. I see a lot of Susan shows and they’re all great, but sometimes extra magic gets sprinkled in and this was one of those nights. The room was sold out, the sound was amazing, the crowd was stoked to be there, and the band was excited to play. All of the warm fuzzies were in place to make a stellar recording. We listened to the rough tracks this week so Susan could start whittling them down to a track list and everything sounds excellent. She has a tough job of choosing.

Susan Gibson Band at the Bugle Boy

The other amazing thing is that during the break at the show I was wandering around filming things and when it was time to start I meandered back to my seat and found…this guitar in it.


My buddy Geno was selling it, and I fell in guitar love, but decided that I needed to pay my taxes instead (I am half grown up). Susan knew this and apparently she swooped in and decided it was to be my…CD recording night bonus? Man. I was surprised and thrilled and maybe drooled a little bit. Like, a drool of appreciation. It sounds killer, mostly due to the work Geno put into it when he had it. It’s full of good mojo!

Anyway, Susan’s album will be out in February and I am so excited to help get things ready.  It’s a good time for new stuff.

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