‘Allo, Amarillo

16 May

Susan and Gary

Susan and her Amarillo Band played Homer’s Backyard Ball this weekend, which is a big deal up in the Panhandle whereupon folks like Jack Ingram and The Tejas Brothers and SUSANG! rock out in the Amarillo dust. The weather was perfect but man, was it dusty. I found a thin layer of it on my sunglasses in Austin later in the week…that’s well traveled sticky dust.

I like it when there’s another band I know on the bill for these festival things, and the Tejas Brothers are some of my favorite people ever. They are just NICE, number one, and great musicians, and fabulous entertainers. Check them out.

John Garza

Susan rocked it and her band was great…and Gary was even handed a Longhorn guitar to play. I know not who made this or even why…but it looked crazy. I would probably miss notes on it due to it’s weird shape.

Gary Thomason

It took about 3 days for me to regain the moisture in my body that the Panhandle sucked out of me, but I am sufficiently reconstituted.

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