Almost Home

21 Aug

Sitting in a Hastings in Amarillo. Dropped off for the afternoon. Trying to look busy. Actually just want a nap. I think we will take off after the gig tonight and see where that goes. It’s a trek, but after 30 days gone you do things to see your own abode sooner than later.

I got my first offer to perform some sort of stand up comedy routine somewhere. The thought cracks me up (not in the stand up way)…and I won’t lie, I’ve always had a pipe dream of doing something like that. The offer from the venue booker who is very supportive was for a 45 minute set, which in 2 months time…I know I cannot do as a novice. At least as a musician if your joke bombs, you just start playing a song. If your song bombs, you tell a joke. If you’re doing stand up and you bomb a joke, you tell another one, and I imagine if you’re a newbie that might spiral downward really fast.

What I am considering doing is working up a few bits to emcee the show that night. It would be a good chance to get my feet wet. I’d have to do a lot of work. I’ll probably be heading to comedy open mics in Austin if anyone wants to join me…just to see how this all shakes out. I have my Maria Bamford videos ready…she’s my main comedy guru.

This is a big venue and flopping is not an option, so the very initial reaction would be to say thanks but no thanks. But there are a few folks who are very encouraging, and I don’t think this is beyond my realm of “things I can do.” It will take work, but what worth doing doesn’t?

This is my nephew Philip – he definitely makes me laugh!


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