Anatomy of a Jam

13 Jan

Ritalin live jam with Mike and Dave by janapochop

Here’s a moment in time from a jam I had with my friends Mike and Dave in New Mexico a few weeks ago.  We had been threatening to do this forever, and we finally did.  Mike plays bass and Dave plays dobro (on this track), mandolin, ukulele drums, and probably 6 other things.  We had such a good time, and Dave got the whole evening on tape.  By tape I mean digital file.

He sent the mp3s and the thing that struck me is that this was a jam — meaning informal, play what you want and how you want, and most importantly…unrehearsed.  I basically said, “Hey guys, this song is in D!” and we started.  I thought what came out of this spontaneous moment was so cool I had to share.  It’s not slick and shiny and overdubbed, it’s what happened when 4 brains (my bestest Jamie was in the room holding down the fort and the dogs and offered the “Hooray!”) sit in a room and mess around with music.  Too much fun.  I hope it’s the start of my New Mexico band.  Then I’ll pay them well enough one day where we can fly to gigs on a Lear Jet together.

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