Another Day At The Office

7 Jan


Except my ForTheRecords office has awesome green walls, Christmas lights, and bottomless Topo Chico.  (If there is a bottom to the Topo, I haven’t hit it yet).

It also has the largest desk name plate known to man.  So large, in fact, that it’s not a desk name plate at all…it’s a wall plaque.  My friend Spring made it when I played the Empty Bowl Benefit, and The Boss decided it would look good up there.  Also, it reinforces that the “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” thing will never happen here; I am always playing.

Today we made some extreme merchandising decisions, printed some posters, I designed a postcard, The Boss researched radio stations for her new record.  And now I have been sufficiently screened out enough to…write this blog post.  Somebody unplug me!

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