Another Missive

28 Aug

Hello from fabulous Cedaredge, CO! I like this town. We played at Starr’s Guitars last night and it was hard not to once again spend all my money on an instrument. Luckily I kept it in my wallet (but did acquire a cool strap for the Taylor I bought in Bozeman). I’ve been trying to sneak in little practice sessions when I can because my CD Release Show at Strange Brew in Austin will be here before I know it. Hey, did I mention there’s a CD Release at Strange Brew in Austin? September 11, 2014! 8 PM! ALL THE SPECIAL GUESTS! More on that in another post.

The weekend was spent in Kansas, a state I consider my half homeland. My grandparents lived in Rush Center (approximately: the middle of nowhere) for years and I spent many a family trip there as a kid. My aunt and uncle came over to Garden City to the Tumbleweed Festival to see us which was awesome. I don’t see family near as much as I want and it’s always a treat when we cross paths. Or when they drive to see us play!

Steamboat Springs, CO started off nicely. We had a double rainbow to enjoy.

Then some jerk took off the driver’s side mirror while we were parked on the street and didn’t leave a note. I still suspect a city bus because our mirrors are high. I’m looking at you, Steamboat Springs.

I got to camp out in a little cabin here in Cedaredge last night. I’ve also been reading a book about the Dust Bowl, so this photo by Susan made me feel like a settler, except settlers couldn’t hop in a Sprinter and drive away.

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