9 Feb

Pretty excited, y’all. The new Susan CD TightRope is unleashed this week at the legenday Cactus Cafe in Austin and at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas. I spent today doing tiny little important things, like switching the online store over to take pre-orders and uploading the album to the digital distributor. They like big giant WAV files for digital use, so it took foreeeeeeeveeeeeeer. But it’s done and it shall be on iTunes on Valentine’s Day. Phew!

Suz became an iMovie pro this week and made this, a slideshow set to Passin’ Thru from the new album. It’s quite lovely, take a gander.

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February 10th, 2011 at 2:44 am

Hey Jana, you’re in that movie, like, a bunch of times! 😀 Exciting stuff, best of luck with the release!

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